HDMU.13032.1771.OE.2.0.SIM2.DM800HD.SSL84D.1910201 4.byHouara.Clone

-I have Conversion & Patched to DM800hd Clone Boxes
-I have patched HDMU Center & HDMU Media Center
-I have added last drivers 20131228-r7.1
-I have Edit opkg Feed to work on DMM
-I have Fixed LCD panel Screen

About remote control How to adjustment >>
input device
press ok to dreambox remote control (native) and adjustment as you like ..

*Download & install Emus
Menu > Plugins > Green Button > Emus
*Active Emus
Menu > HDMU Center > Softcam Control > select Emu and press Green to start and Blue to Auto restart

To change remote control buttons to Default:
Menu > Setup > system > Remote Control Setup

Do this command on telnet to get CCcam.cfg in /etc (Default Dir) and you can use CCcaminfo plugin

ln -sfn /etc/CCcam.cfg /usr/keys/CCcam.cfg

Warning: Don't Make Update Online

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