OpenLD1.7.OE.2.0.SIM2.DM800HD.SSL84D.15102014.byHo uara.Clone

* Kernel: Depends on the model will be one version or another. (Modified and optimized Javilonas)
* Enigma2: 11/10/2014 (Sources Own)
* Open Source: and
* Image: OpenLD - 10/13/2014
* BusyBox: v1.22.1 (optimized for javilonas)
* Drivers: The most current to date (depending on the model will be one version or another)
* Default Skin: MetrixHD
* Webinterface: OpenWebif OWIF Version 0.4.2 (Updated)
* Expert mode enabled by default
* Maintain the Bootlogo
* Multiple changes in Enigma2 (Several Bugs Fixed)
* Updated Drivers in several models (Gigablue, VUPLUS, Ixuss, Dreambox)
* Activated Stat in Busybox
* Bug zapping blockages at with TDT.
* Compression python
* Fixed several problems margins in the default skin.
* Updated several addons plugins.
* Added option in advanced settings move lnb satellite.
* Added option to preset frequency in DVB-T for the manual scan.
* Fix for GStreamer 1.0 pullSubtitle
* Channel selection: Allows column width of 0.
* Removed the Tuner Remote Server Setup menu (there was no package on the server)
* Fix in Various - was not working properly.
* EventView, py set the context menu for the skin metrixhd
* [EventView] set the position of text in the context menu.
* HDD: Added support for SD / MMC card as a hard drive.
* Various fixes in webinterface more (updated version).
Blue button >> Blue Panel OpenLD
Green button >> Plugins
Green Button Green Button >> addons >>
Blue button red button >> Services >>
Amarillo >> Configure button Sonido
Red Button >> electronic program guide
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