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    Pkt ipbox e2 hyperion image


    E2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-4767 PKT SVN-2060 HYPERION Image

    Added by PKT:
    [ALL] migration to OpenPLI
    [ALL] add more than 100+ plugins to download
    [ALL] fixed aspect ratio selection in A/V setting.
    [ALL] fix network setup
    [ALL] transparency fix if any window opend while infobar is dimming
    [ALL] added recording setup to menu
    [ALL] PermanentClock : added progress bar & other small fixes
    [ALL] fix subservices reload
    [ALL] fix green key support in infobar
    [ALL] Basic HD skin removed - it is already as default
    [ALL] fix opkg
    [ALL] add djcrash Updater v1.2.5
    [ALL] update Backup Manager v1.7
    - add /media/Points for backup
    - add backup of timer
    [ALL] converters update
    [ALL] new approach to control of FrontPanel
    [ALL] fix SCART Output
    [ALL] add missing: subtitle setup & autolanguage setup to main menu
    [ALL] fix GS when subtitled was selected by Audio Menu
    [ALL] GraphMultiEPG -fixed compatibility to other skins ( without our fonts )
    [ALL] 1st boot wizard fix
    [ALL] Languages: 1st is English, 2nd - Polish, others is alphabetical order
    [ALL] fix Backup Aurorestore - now 100% working
    [ALL] FrontPanel Setup extended to Time&Name, Time&Number
    [ALL] video settings optimization
    [ALL] update skins for PIG support
    [ALL] fix some STB's for PIG support
    [STI7111&7105] Fix CEC support
    [OCT1008+] fix picture viewer and videoplayback
    [GM7162] VFD icons support
    [GM7162] VFD Icons: 2nd record Icon, Full HD, HD, Disk Icon while REC.
    [GM7162] added CAM activation if is Disabled in Standby mode.
    [GM7162] fix icons off in standby/deepstandby
    [GM7162] keymap support Portal key
    [UFS910] fix restart network interface
    [SFXXX] added support of LongEPG key
    [IPBOX] optimization evremote
    [ALL] increase stability
    [...] and many many other changes not included in chagnelog.

    Known Issues:
    [Cuberevo] some STBs hang on if skin with PIG is used so we do not recommended such skins.
    [SF1008/SE] not tested so use at your own risk.
    [IPBOX] we're not sure about the TVN HD and other HD channels problems are solved

    Special THX to TDT and all betatesters.

    FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam

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