MTS, Ericsson team to bring 5G network to Russia for 2018 football World Cup Read mo_22.12.2015

4G networks are still anything but widespread but Ericsson and Russian telco MTS have announced a plan to demo 5G during the 2018 football World Cup in the country.

ericsson mwcThe Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the two covers spectrum studies of the next generation network and the building of a test system which will be first deployed in 2016. The companies will focus initially on development of requirements and use cases, as well as performance evaluation and applicability of potential 5G key technology components. The project will also necessitate negotiations with government regulators concerning the bands being targeted for 5G and requirements for next generation systems.

"While requirements for the new communication standard are in the development stage, it is important for our company to be closely involved in this process, which led to signing the agreement with Ericsson,” explained Andrey Ushatskiy,MTS Russia vice president, technology and IT and chief technology and information officer.

“Next year, we will start to test our key vendor's developments through a series of pilot projects on the MTS network, in order for both of us to have a complete understanding of the performance of the solutions in our 5G networks. By working proactively throughout the process of 5G standardization, we will be ready to build first stages of the principally new network that will dramatically change our lives and the role of things around us, and will empower people and horizons of knowledge in all fields -- homes, schools, medicine, science, transport, entertainment and many other areas."

Jeff Travers, head of customer unit MTS, Ericsson Northern Europe and Central Asia, added: "Ericsson is driving 5G technology development together with our partners and leading operators to provide higher data speeds, lower latency and high connection reliability. This project marks an important milestone and brings the development of the most innovative technologies to Russia. By 2018, we plan to not only conduct research, but also to test and implement key technologies that will improve MTS network performance and application coverage. 5G will revolutionise user experiences in mobile technolog during the FIFA World Cup in 2018."