Samsung launches Vonetize’s SmartVOD service on TVs_22.12.2015


Gabriel Miramar-Garcia

| 22 December 2015

Samsung is gearing up to launch Vonetize’s premium content service, SmartVOD, on Samsung devices in Brazil.

samsung S6In the coming months, Vonetize will roll out the offering with Samsung to countries across the region, as previously announced, giving millions of Latin American consumers video content directly on their smart TVs and mobile devices. Brazil is the first announced launch.

Vonetize specialises in providing VOD content to consumers in emerging global markets and HAS entered partnerships with the top content studios, including Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox, Universal, Sony Pictures, Miramax and MGM. The company’s SmartVOD service features newly-released and multi-category premium Hollywood films and TV series, and is already available in over 35 countries worldwide.

Starting with Brazil, the launch in Latin America will focus on allowing the on-demand rental and purchase of recent Hollywood film and TV series releases without requiring any commitment or subscription.
For consumers in Brazil, films and TV shows will be localised with Portuguese subtitles, dubbing and UI language, and users will be able to download purchased content to their tablets or smartphones for offline viewing. Additionally, most SmartVOD content will be made available to users in 1080p full HD quality, and also includes 4K and 3D titles for supporting TVs.

“Brazil is one of the most important markets in Latin America, and we’re proud to offer superior content to consumers there and continue our mission to make quality video content available to global markets,” said Noam Josephides, CEO at Vonetize.

“We are thrilled to offer privileged access for Samsung users to all the great content available on SmartVOD. We are confident that the technological advantage of Vonetize and breadth of our content will help us reach millions of homes in Brazil and provide quality entertainment at affordable prices to everyone.”