Bundled services: a Polish perspective_21.12.2015

Poles favour bundled services if they are offered with utilities such as electricity, according to the findings of a study undertaken by TNS Polska for Multimedia Polska, one of the country’s leading cable operators.

Over two-thirds (70%) taking one to four services believe this to be a sensible solution.

However, Multimedia Polska also points out that, according to data produced by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), only 21% of households in Poland opt for bundled services, compared to an EU average of 46%.

The most popular packages, received by 70% of bundle subscribers, are double play, with triple play (30%) being much less favoured.

The thing that most holds back customers from bundled services is the prospect of losing them all in an emergency.

In the TNS study, 10% of respondents said that they saw no benefit in opting for bundled services and 6% feared higher prices if they did so.