Potential mobile video boost as Ericsson and Apple end litigation_21.12.2015


Joseph O'Halloran

| 21 December 2015

Ericsson and Apple have buried the hatchet in their patents rights battle and have come to on a global patent licence agreement, one with potential for second screen video development.

ericsson mwcThe battle between the tech giants began in May 2015 when the communications and broadcast technology provider began suits against the US CE behemoth in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Ericsson asserted that that for more than two years it had been trying to reach an agreement with Apple on a global licence for its patents connected to 4G/LTE standards and technology related to the design of semiconductor components and non-cellular wireless communications. Ericsson argued that Apple did not have any licence for such technology, yet had continued to sell products on a global scale.

Half a year later, the two have come to a settlement, the exact terms of which are confidential. What is known though is that the seven-year agreement ends all ongoing patent-infringement claims between the parties and will see Apple make an initial payment to Ericsson and, thereafter, will pay on-going royalties.

The agreement includes releases that resolve all pending patent-infringement litigation between the companies and will encompass a global cross licence for patented standard-essential technologies and grants certain other patent rights. The two companies will now collaborate in multiple technology areas, including 5G development, video network traffic management, and wireless network optimisation.

Ericsson and Apple will also collaborate in multiple technology areas, including the development of the next generation 5G cellular standards, the optimisation of existing wireless networks for the benefit of operators and users worldwide, and mobile video traffic optimisation.