Mexico sets the beat of LATAM pay-TV_21.12.2015


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 21 December 2015

While Brazil's pay-TV market stagnates, Mexico's is to close 2015’s growing and is set to add more than a million subs through the course of 2016.

mexico telecomWhile the Portuguese-speaking territory continues dropping subs since it reached its highest point in January 2015, a new report highlights Mexico's pay-TV will reach 17.6 million households by the end of the year and 18.7 million one year later.

The figures published by The Competitive Intelligence Unit show pay-TV is one of Mexico's most healthy telecom businesses, only exceeded by booming mobile broadband. Pay-TV is set to grow by 8.6% during the last quarter of the year and 5.9% in 2016.

“Generally speaking, fixed and convergent telecoms are expected to add more and more pay-TV and broadband subscriptions during next year, thanks to better packaged services,” said the analysts agency. “The disruption of convergence, including better content offering and better pricing, has reformulated the way competitors offer their services.”

Mexico's growth predictions are significant while other mature markets slow down. Still, many undeveloped or second-line markets, highlighting Peru's case, are set to grow through the coming years.