Post VR firsts for VOD service Megogo & RT_21.12.2015

The on demand service Megogo has launched its own virtual reality application.

Known as Megogo VR, it makes 3D movies with virtual reality mode and 2D movies with cinema effect available to owners of Android mobile devices, with an iOS application due to follow shortly.

Megogo is a legal VOD service that made its debut in November 2011. Initially available in the 15 countries of the former Soviet Union, it has been offered worldwide since the end of 2012. Its catalogue features over 77,000 video units and it has over 40 million unique users monthly.

Commenting on the VR app, Vladimir Borovnik, CEO at Megogo, said: “I have no doubts that VR technology will soon become popular. It puts a viewer straight into the focus of developments – next to a rock star on a stage, into a car during a chase, or into the midst of an armed conflict or into atmosphere of an ancient city. It’s all so exciting! VR makes you a part of those events”.

Separately, RT, formerly known as Russia Today, recently announced the launch of a new 360 vide app named RT360.

Alina Mikhaleva, RT’s director of marketing and strategic development, said: “The 360-degree video, virtual reality format opens up new horizons for journalists. It shifts the perspective for the first time in the history of storytelling. Reporters and broadcasters can no longer simply tell the viewer which way to look by pointing the camera in their chosen direction. Now, we can bring the audience to the center of the story.

“The virtual reality technology will hit the market in earnest next year, and we are very happy that RT is one of the world’s pioneers in producing news content in such an innovative format.”