Kazakh headache for Russian stations_17.12.2015

Russian broadcasters face a major threat in Kazakhstan, which following the conflict in Ukraine has become their most lucrative foreign market.

Kommersant reports that from the beginning of 2016 no foreign channels carrying advertising will be allowed to be retransmitted in the country. Given that all Russian channels have advertising, this will in effect mean a ban on these channels.

Further, from the beginning of 2017 foreign TV companies will have to open offices in Kazakhstan. A 20% limit on foreign ownership of such companies operating in Kazakhstan will also come into effect.

The impact of these new rules will be felt by not only Russian broadcasters but also other foreign TV companies, including Discovery, Fox and Viacom, operating in the country.

Potential losses for Russian media companies could amount to between R700 million -R900 million (€9.24 million – €11.87 million).