TVTY launches universal trigger for moment marketing_20.12.2015



| 18 December 2015

Advertisers can now sync moment marketing campaigns with any offline trigger they choose claims TVTY, which has launched a new Universal Trigger technology.

Recent research published by the advertising company suggested that the moment marketing sector is set for explosive growth in 2016 with over two-thirds (67%) of brands planning to spend more on digital campaigns triggered by offline events. The travel sector was found to be using the most sophisticated moment marketing strategies while TV shows and sport were set to be the top triggers in 2016. Specifically, these triggers were: popular TV shows (52%); sports events (48%); financial events (40%); TV advertising (38%); and changes in the weather (33%). Almost a quarter (24%) of respondents said they would be using moment marketing to counter-attack on social media when a competitor brand’s ad is being aired on TV.

TVTY added that until now brands have seen success with a limited number of triggers, such as TV shows or commercials, sports events, and changes in the weather. It believes a Universal Trigger will let advertisers and brands create their own moments. Brands could then use any public or private data feed to launch hyper-targeted moment marketing campaigns that are more culturally and contextually relevant than ever before.

This includes data on both offline and online events. This feature, TVTY proposes, could turn a brand’s own unique data into a differentiator to make the most from advertising investments.

“Universal Trigger is a game-changer for brands. Our technology does the heavy lifting to transform any data feed into a bespoke moment marketing trigger,” said TVTY EMEA CEO Pierre Marechal. “It lets advertisers get even more creative with their moment marketing and takes the guesswork out of digital marketing, allowing them to serve targeted advertising at the moment their product is most needed.”