MEGOGO offers virtual reality service_20.12.2015

MEGOGO offers virtual reality service



| 19 December 2015

Eastern European video-on-demand provider MEGOGO has enhanced its service offering with the launch of a virtual reality application.

The new MEGOGO VR will be available in all major areas of presence in the CIS region and Baltic countries and will make 3D films in virtual reality mode and 2D films with cinema effect available to owners of mobile devices. The MEGOGO VR player app can be downloaded for free on Google Play for the Android platform. In the near future, MEGOGO will release an iOS version. The company claims that the most distinctive feature of the new product is the possibility of full immersion into a film as if the viewer were directly in front of a huge 3D cinema screen.

Commenting, rather optimistically on the launch, MEGOGO CEO Vladimir Borovik said: “I have no doubts that VR technology will soon become popular. It puts a viewer straight into the focus of developments - next to a rock star on a stage, into a car during a chase, or into the midst of an armed conflict or into atmosphere of an ancient city. It's all so exciting…VR makes you a part of those events.”