Russia's athletics federation must cut ties with all convicted dopers, resolve current disciplinary cases and investigate potential cases if it is to be readmitted to competition.

The IAAF has outlined the conditions Araf must meet for it provisional doping ban to be lifted.

The federation was suspended last month following a damning independent World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) report.

IAAF president Lord Coe said there is "no timeline" for reinstatement.

Russia, which said in November it is "fully committed" to reforms, faces exclusion from the 2016 Rio Olympics if not declared compliant.

Coe said: "The conditions we have announced leave no room for doubt.

"Russia must demonstrate verifiable change across a range of criteria and satisfy our task force that those criteria will be met permanently.

"It is up to them to implement verifiable change both in anti-doping practice and culture."