Who would be Formula 1's tyre supplier? It's a thankless task, especially in this era of control tyres by a single company.

When Pirelli entered F1 in 2011, the idea was to make tyres a subject of positive discussion again, change the fact that they were generally only mentioned when there was a problem.

Pirelli was tasked with producing tyres with a short life, that needed to be treated carefully, and which promoted pit stops and exciting racing.

Five years down the line, that's not quite how it has worked out. Races increasingly feature single pit stops, but drivers still can't push flat out. There have been criticisms from drivers, the teams have their frustrations, and Pirelli has been embroiled in a series of controversies.

But, despite its own complaints about the way it is treated in F1, Pirelli has committed to another three-year contract and will remain with the sport until 2019. So what happens now?