BlackHole.2.1.7.NEWFIX.DM800HD.CLONE.SSL84D.SIM2.O E2.0.bymarwen.21.08.2015

21/08/2015:* New Enigma2 Compiled 21/08/2015

*skin_default: fantasy_hd updated

*Now usb keyboard Fixed for Blackhole

* rcinput et al: Implement hotplugging input devices
Add an interface to add/remove devices. Add a netlink socket to
listen for incoming hotplug events and (un)register input
Now you can (un)plug a keyboard while E2 is running.

* Network: Allow hotplug for network adapters
This allows to insert (e.g.) a WiFi stick while E2 is running. The
adapter will then be visible in the network menu.

*sanity check for fallback service when is wrong service reference in bouquet

*keymap.xml Fixed for InputAsciiActions

*Prevent plugins from crashing enigma at startup

*instantiateSummaryDialog allowing summaries to be created for non-modal screens

*Encoding.conf fixed for Thor 0.8W and Remove UPC-Direct Astra-1 transponder

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