The new boss of Ofcom says there is a need for deregulation in television and telecoms to reflect changes in media consumption. In an interview with the Financial Times, Sharon White said there was a need to examine the influence of YouTube and Facebook. “We will certainly look at whether there is scope for a lighter approach given the entry of newer players and technology that we wouldn’t have dreamt of a few years ago.”
Alongside this will be the very definition of markets and regulation against a background that has seen Sky expand further into telephony and broadband, while BT has made advances in sports rights through its aggressive bidding for Premier League and European football rights.
Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk have all taken up arms against BT’s wholesale fixed line network BT Openreach.
However, the FT reports Ms White told them after the interview that no wholesale review of the pay-TV market was planned.
Earlier this week, Chancellor George Osbourne said he would like Ofcom to take on the regulation of the BBC currently held by the BBC Trust.