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    septembre 2014
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    Canal+ outlines Polish changes

    The number of Canal+-branded channels available in Poland will be increased to eight at the beginning of next month. According to Wirtualne Media, the change will see Canal+, Canal+ Film, Canal+ Family and Canal+ Sport joined by Canal+ 1, Canal+ Discovery, Canal+ Seriale and Canal+ Sport 2.
    Canal+ 1 will be a time-shift channel, while Canal+ Discovery will be a documentary channel produced jointly with Discovery.
    Canal+ Seriale will meanwhile offer Canal+, along with US and European series and Canal+ Sport a wide variety of sport including leading European football leagues.
    Canal+ Seriale will replace Canal+ 2 Film.
    Commenting on the changes, Julien Verley, the president of ITI Neovision, said that they were made being to ensure viewers received the most complete and richest premium TV offer on the market.
    The changes are also being made to mark the 20th anniversary of Canal+ in Poland.

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    avril 2015
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    gracias por la informacion

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    avril 2015
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    nous l'ajouterons à notre décodeur.

    merci pour les nouvelles

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