German transmitter network operator Media Broadcast welcomes ARD’s decision to make the transition to the new digital terrestrial television (DTT) distribution standard DVB-T2 faster than originally planned, saying that the accelerated timetable is realistic, but ambitious.

“As part of the implementation of the future DVB-T2 platform with commercial broadcasters, we plan to convert around 20% of all DVB-T transmitters to DVB-T2 in one and a half years,” said Media Broadcast’s CEO Wolfgang Breuer. “From our experience, we know that this will be both a strong technical and organisational challenge. For the public broadcasters, the remaining transmitters have to be converted nationwide and in an accelerated process to DVB-T2.”

Media Broadcast therefore renewed its appeal to politicians and regulators to quickly create reliable framework conditions for the transition to DVB-T2. “This means specifically: Broadcast usage of the frequencies in the 700 MHz band at least until completion of the DVB-T2 transition, long-term investment and planning security for the remaining broadcast spectrum and the execution of the legal media and telecommunication procedures,” said Breuer.

“We trust that the government will not only keep its promises in the coalition treaty regarding the frequencies, but also quickly and bindingly ensure compensation for the considerable conversion costs created by the quick vacating of frequency bands,” stressed Breuer.