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    ESPN launches Hispanic sports content hub

    ESPN launches_Hispanic sports content hub

    DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 03 February 2015

    Aiming to become an online destination for both English- and Spanish-speaking Hispanics across the US, ESPN has launched One Nación, a hub for bilingual sports content across ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

    onenacionThe website will collect stories that are of interest to a bilingual and bicultural audience, giving them easy access to the content, regardless of language.

    "One Nación aims to provide a voice that's inclusive and reflective of the entire US Hispanic experience; their achievements and challenges," said Hugo Balta, senior director of multicultural content for ESPN. "The project is a great collaboration between several entities across ESPN and ESPN Deportes, and it further highlights the work produced across networks, platforms and sites, while better serving the Hispanic audience that navigates across both cultures."

    One Nación Digital is an expansion of the ESPN brand created in 2013 to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The special was the first bi-lingual, one-hour studio show to be produced for ESPN. It aired live on ESPN and ESPN Deportes, and its content was presented across multiple other platforms.

    One Nación will present original content showcasing ESPN's team of journalists. ESPN Digital media's Antonietta Collins and ESPN Deportes' Alfredo Lomeli will serve as hosts, presenting bi-weekly video segments that highlight the latest hot button topics of this diverse audience. All segments will be presented in a mix of both languages.

    In addition, One Nación will feature No Hablo español (I Don't Speak Spanish) a video series produced from Los Angeles that focuses on second/third-generation Latinos, featuring guests from the sports and entertainment industry.
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    a ver si vemos ese canal pronto je jeje jeje

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